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Acting general education, accredited School of the Russian Federation in Spain
"Russian Educational Center"

"Russian Educational Center"-a unique school of Russia, working outside the territory of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, accredited rosobrnadzorom of the Russian Federation, taking exams and Ogje, issuing certificates of maturity RF, and most importantly, ready to accept a pupil of any class on Any period of study from one year to one week. In addition, the school obtained a Spanish educational license. The result of the training is a attestation statement with marks, which can be presented to the School of the Russian Federation.

The teaching staff is formed of high-class professionals who undergo regular internships in Europe and Russia. Have a great practical experience in modern Russian, Spanish and English colleges, universities, schools.

"Russian Educational Center" offers balanced pricing policy and educational programs, which are in demand by Russian and European audiences.

We create prospects for the most important!

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